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Dinobots Rule, the stomping ground for Dinobot fan
July 2014 pre-challenge 
6th-Jun-2014 01:33 pm
swoop-dinobots rule
greetings everyone!

it's been a while since we've had a challenge here at Dinobots Rule, so we're setting one up to start in July. However, I need just a little bit of input from you guys--the members that make this place possible.

i haven't quite decided on a theme for the challenge, so in the comments section, i'd like you to leave your top 3 theme ideas or challenge prompts for the July round. The only requirement for your ideas is that they need to be appropriate for all ages. I will then use one or more of these themes/prompts to build the July challenge and the others will be saved for a future event.

i'm looking forward to your suggestions!
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