Fallen Sith Empress (eerian_sadow) wrote in dinobotsrule,
Fallen Sith Empress

First Community Challenge

Hello Members!

i see it's been quiet since the comm opened, but i'm hoping to change that with our first community challenge. our first challenge's theme is:

Starting With A Bang

interpret this in any way you choose, with any Dinobots from any continuity you choose. all participants will get a gorgeous banner made by pl2363.

however, before you get started there are a couple rules.

1. Your piece must focus on at least one Dinobot, but other characters are welcome to make an appearance.

2. Challenge entries may be any medium from fanfiction to fanvids and anything in between. fics must be at least 100 words long,but the sky is the limit beyond that.

3. Entries are due by 11:59 PM, Central time (-6GMT) on February 20th25th. Please tag your entries with "challenge: starting with a bang"

4. This is the most important rule: Have Fun.
Tags: challenge announcement, challenge: starting with a bang, mod post
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