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dinobotsrule's Journal

Dinobots Rule, the stomping ground for Dinobot fan
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Dinobots Rules is a hub for fans of the Transformers franchise's Dinobot characters.

This is a community dedicated to Dinobot fan-love. Here you may express your love of any and all Dinobots via fanfiction, art, articles, photoshoots, toy purchases, essays and anything else you can think of. We encourage all forms of creativity. We also encourage questions; feel free to ask them in a comment if the question revolves around the Dinobots or PM the mods if your question is about the community itself.

However! There are some Rules involved in posting here. They aren't difficult, but they will result in banning if they are violated.

Rule 1. Don't be hatin. We're all here to have fun, not bash each other. You are allowed to dislike someone's art/fic/essay/etc or think that someone had asked a dumb question, but you are not allowed to troll, flame or verbally abuse anyone for it. Offenders will be banned the first time this happens, no questions asked.

Rule 2. Don't just repost copy-righted material. This includes scans of comics or art from IDW's website, for example. If these things are posted on a web site (such as Alex Milne's Deviantart page) you may provide a link, but no direct copying. This also includes web-hosted episodes of the various Transformers series. I know we all use Youtube and Veoh to watch them, but it's technically not legal and i don't want to get shut down because of it. FMVs are the only exception to this rule, as they do not include the entire episodes.

Rule 3. Your post needs to include a header with a title (mostly this is for fiction, but can apply to art or graphics), rating, applicable content advisory/warnings, characters and Transformers continuity. Some of our members are underage, so be careful about what you post. Anything with a rating of M or NC17 must be CLEARLY labled as such and member-locked to the community. Also, please tag your entries with appropriate tags.

Rule 4. I'm sorry, but we cannot allow random advertising for other communities. That isn't to say that we won't allow it at all, but you must speak to a mod in advance of the posting.

Rule 5. All posts must be relevant to the community. If there are no Dinobots involved, don't put it here. You will be issued a warning for doing so and your post will be deleted. There are a ton of comms out there for everyone else, so it shouldn't be hard to find someone to host your fic/art/essay/FMV if it's not dino oriented. Repeated violations of this rule will result in banning.

Also, don't forget that your mods are only people too, and don't always remember everything or everyone. If you see that we've missed a Dinobot in the interest list, speak up! We want to make sure that all Dinobots, from all Transformers Universes are recognized and loved.


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